Friday, May 03, 2013

Cornwall Homes

I've had this set of photos ready to post for a few weeks now, so here's another instalment of beautiful old Cornwall homes.

Let's start with a nice simple house with a really neat porch. I am not usually a fan of roof gables with this type of "clipped corners" but here, I really love how they did it, and how the windows were made. The house is in overall very good shape, despite the eroded paint on the aluminum siding. All this home would need is a nice fresh coat of paint.

This next one is near perfect. It has all of its original details, windows, doors, with the exception that it's been covered in vinyl siding. I can't complain too much about the siding, though, since they picked a small size that would closely match what was probably originally used.

All the original storms are painted in a barn red, and it still has the original enamelled address plate.

I love this enclosed porch with the french door and side lights.

This last house (for this week at least, since I have several others), is a rather plain brick house with a stunning set of Eastlake porches. The house has the original windows with newer storm windows painted a non-matching mint green.

I actually found an old photo of this house in a historical local atlas. The line drawing of the house is quite simple, but the porches are unmistakable. The historical atlas is dated "1862, 1879, 1881" which would date the house to at LEAST the early 1880s.

As noted, this was the home of William Mack. Side note: I wasn't sure what "&C. &C." meant, and it's an outdated form of "etc." I found this little bit of info about him:

William Mack (1828-1897) was a businessman and politician in Cornwall, Ontario in the latter half of the nineteenth century.

He was born in Lanarkshire, Scotland, and immigrated to Canada in the 1840's, settling first in Huntingdon, Quebec. He moved to Cornwall in 1848 to become the Manager of a flour mill, and in 1861 established the Express Roller Mills Company. He was active in local politics, as a Councillor, Deputy Reeve and Reeve in Cornwall and as a Warden of the United Counties. He also served in the Legislative Assembly for the years 1879-1883, and 1886-1894.

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  1. I'm especially fond of the brick house. The fact that it has a long, established history helps.