Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Living Room Colour?

Help me pick a colour!

I'm looking for your thoughts/opinions. Originally, I really wanted the same green as my aunt's living room which is the green on the walls in this photo:

Behr's "Olivine"

But I'm pretty sure it will look too dark, and I won't like it as much as I think I would.

However, I do like many other dark green rooms I've seen, like these:

But then I like some of the lighter shades, too...

What do you think? Am I just being a chicken and playing it safe, or should I aim for a bit of a lighter colour?

Why does it have to be so hard to pick colours?

Anyhow, these are the three samples of green that I have currently.

- In the top left is "Shy Blossom" (by CIL) which is a bright, fun pistachio shade of green (towards the yellow spectre). It looks pretty close to the photo above with the basil plant.
- Below it, is "Sea Drops" (by CIL) which is the colour I had planned to use in the upstairs "L" Room. This one is in the light grey tones, but is a night light green shade.
- On the right is one shade darker than the "Sea Drops" and this one is "Woodland Mystery" (by CIL). I like this one the least, and it's a bit too "drab grey". I'm worried it may look a bit too lifeless and boring, like the photo below:

I don't have an actual sample of the "Olivine" but it's much darker (2-3 shades) than all three of the samples I've got on the wall currently.



  1. Sea Drops looks rather calming out of the three you have up on the wall. I love the picture of the green dining room with the red carpet the most though!

    -ms. AuLait
    Highland Park Four Square

    1. Yup, that dining Room is from the folks over at The Joshua Shively House (one of the blogs I follow). Check it out here:

      I love the "Sea Drops" but I think it's a bit too pale/boring for the main floor, which is why I want to use it upstairs instead.

  2. We painted our main rooms with Ruskin Room Green which is pretty dark and we really like the color. I like the green you have on the right, it has a good historic tone.

  3. I'm with Sharon, I like the one on the right the best, too. But it's your least favorite, so don't use it!

    1. It might just be the way it comes off in the photo, but IRL, it looks really dead and lifeless/depressing. My Dad was over a few hours ago and he said the same thing: too gloomy/depressing/grey.

  4. Hey JC,
    well i still love sea drop and think it looks great, however, from your picture i like the blossom more but it dosen't seem as saturated as the one in the basilphoto. Actually i dont like the colour in that picture at all! How much light comes into the room? Maybe doing a 50-75% of that one to tone it down? Still i noticed that most of the darker greens you liked had a yellow undertone so it might be the right choice?
    In my oppinion i would choose the darker colour if there is enough daylight, since i believe living rooms should be cozy (we don't have formal living rooms here in germany, ours are more like the american family rooms).
    Sorry for the rambling;o)