Sunday, May 12, 2013

Beautiful Spring Flowers

I love the short-lived spring blossoms. I think that some of the best-smelling and most wonderful flowers are those found in the spring, such as lilacs, and apple/cherry blossoms. There's nothing quite like being down-wind near an apple tree in full bloom.

Last night, I went and picked a few lilac branches. I usually prefer the purple ones, but these white ones are stunning! They completely fill the room with their perfume. Side note: I moved a bunch of the Living Room furniture out of the room so that I can paint the ceiling and walls (soon), so the French Figural clock in in here for now, and it looks lovely.

They look even nicer in the daylight.

I also picked a small bunch of purple lilacs for the bedroom.


  1. Hello JC,
    I so agree about spring flowers perfumes. The shots you took are absolutely lovely! Especially the one with the white lilacs beside your stunning figural clock. White flowers are more fragrant because they have to compassate for what they lack in colour, to attract polinating insects. Not showy, but so elegant, just like this post.

    1. Thanks Anyes! I do miss that wonderful lilac scent, but I'm looking forward to Peonies.