Thursday, May 02, 2013


So I just finished something like 2-3 hours of priming. I did ALL of it.

Crap, I ***just*** realized that I missed one small spot (I'll do it tomorrow).

I did the following (Note: the links go to individual OLDER reference photos):

Office: Duct corner and repaired interior corner.
Hallway: Drywall corner duct, middle wall around the repaired corner, bulkhead/ceiling.
Living Room: 2 drywall corner ducts, bottom corner repair, a few spots on the walls.
Dining Room: Both drywall corner ducts.
L Room: Main wall with patched window, most of the 2-window wall including that huge patch job, some of the other walls (spots), and the small bit of wall with the 2 doors.

If I deem that the freshly painted crown is dry enough to handle the painter's tape, then I might go ahead and paint the Office walls. OR I might decide to go ahead and do the 3 t-g ceilings on the main floor (Office, Hallway & Living Room). The ceilings could be just spot-painted, since my semi-gloss white blends in fairly well, but they really should get a fresh even coat. It's just going to be a long process (involving lots of neck strain), and I didn't want to do it. But I should definitely do it BEFORE the walls...

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