Friday, May 03, 2013

Office Ceiling Painted!

I took down the light fixture, moved excess furniture, and then painted the ceiling. It really wasn't too bad. It took under an hour, and was done ENTIRELY by hand with a 3" paint brush. The room is only about 8x10.

I decided to stick with the semi-gloss trim paint for these old t-g ceilings. The drywall ceilings in other rooms will be the flat white ceiling paint, but in here, I find that the bit of gloss makes it look like older paint.

Here's the freshly painted ceiling. Honestly it looks about the same, but I was able to get a bit better coverage in some of the gaps, and I was also able to paint over my patched boards (they were just white primer before this).

Now, since I was already on my camera, I also got these other "catch-up" photos to show you guys. These are from a few days ago.

This is the patching that I had to do around the antique original duct in the Living Room. Basically, when they had redone the walls, they had cut the drywall around the vent, and done a bad job of it. Instead, I want to re-mount the vent OVER the drywall (like in the Office), rather than set-into it. This will look neater, and I'll have less hassle with the finished trim, etc.

Side note: This is now dry, with a second coat, and sanded, and it's the ONE section of drywall that I forgot to prime last night.

Here's the freshly painted living room doorway and crown:

It was still a bit wet at this point, which is why it looks pretty glossy here.

Freshly painted crown in the Office (before priming the drywall and painting the ceiling):

Here's a photo that shows the built-in with its bottom moulding installed and painted. It will look amazing once I do the leaded glass panels (which will likely be a traditional/plain set of 3 diamond squares at the top, bottom, and middle: see following photo). I also plan to use a varnish (possibly tinted) that will match the final colour of the floor, which is why that hasn't been done yet.

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