Monday, May 27, 2013

Living Room :(

Well I've had a full day to look at it, and think about it, and I definitely hate it. It just doesn't blend-in well with all the other colours in the house. I'll either be repainting it, or I might try some type of stencil over it? Thoughts?

Viewed from the office:

The colour appears to be a bit more "quiet" or soft in this photo (closer to what I was hoping for).



  1. I might go for a more muted green, but as it is, maybe try arranging the room as it would be when you actually use it. THe color might just seem way too strong because that's all there is on the wall.

  2. I do love that's very similar (if not the same) to the one in my kitchen and bathroom. You may want to mute it or stencil it. I also agree with the commentator above that perhaps it'll look softer when the room is fully furnished and arranged. I love the light fixture. I have one like it in the dining room. Lots of luck!

  3. It does seem kind of loud... the patch defenetly looked more subdued, like in your "quiet" photo. Sorry to hear you hate it! I think a stencil could be nice, maybe in a greenish-gray/olive? But would it make sense financially? or would it be cheaper painting it new? (sorry, just something i would consider...)
    What kind of drapes will go up? Maybe they would help toning down the colour?
    Still the room looks great and will be wonderful once your "moved in"!


  4. Maybe you could try glazing to soften it.

  5. It's a pretty color, but it just doesn't seem like the right tone to be arts & crafts. It seems too yellow in the photos. Was this a historic paint color? I don't think a stencil will make the like the wall color better and stencils are a lot of work. I'm in favor of stenciling, but you should find a wall color you like first because once you do the stencil, you won't want to paint again for years.

  6. well a foursquare isn't necessarily "arts & crafts" but i agree that it's too bright. needs to be grayer, maybe & perhaps glazing would work! but might be just as much work as re-painting...

  7. I think it looks beautiful! Its a lively green (rather then formal, though) and the white ceiling & frames and darker green plants look good against it. A muted green might suit the house better, but I would give it a week or more before changing. The picture that is taken from the other room, looking past the entry way and into the green room, is catchy / alluring.

  8. I kind of love it. But I think it's more me than you. A little too bright for you. But I think you can work with it and grow to love it. Give it a chance.

    Btw, I will be painting over the "olivena" this summer...need a fresh start. Need to repaint the kitchen cabinets too, but I think I will stick with the same palette.


  9. I actually like this color. It's bold and loud but still easy on the eyes. Try adding or repainting the furniture with white to lighten up the color of the entire room if you think it's too bright. Hang thin white floor-to-ceiling curtains. That accent softens every room. Well, it's been months. I wonder what you did.
    Leeanne @ Pro Master