Thursday, November 01, 2012

Cornwall Homes

They are still painting St. Columban's steeples/roofs, and I thought I'd add another update photo. They're just using a regular metallic paint, which I thought was surprising, since it's so incredibly shiny depending on the light.

I'm torn with weather I liked it better before (drab silver), or now (shiny new silver). I'm obviously happy that they are keeping the building well maintained, but it does look rather flashy/new from certain angles. I'm sure the gloss will dull over time, too.

One of the reasons I post about the church is because it's right near my house. I'm on 5th, the church is on 4th, and a few blocks east.

I never attended this church, but my grandmother's funeral service was held there.

There's a photo of the interior on their website here. It's actually quite nice inside.

The only detail I wish this church had, is more stained glass. The panels around the altar are fancy but all the main windows are plain. My old church (when I used to attend as a kid) was GORGEOUS and very ornate - at the opposite (and poor) end of town.

I couldn't find any photos of the windows of Nativity, but here is an interior shot:

Right near St. Columban's and also in my "hood", is the newly revamped Big Brothers & Big Sisters building. They recently had a local artist (with several other artists/painters to help) repaint/decorate the whole building. I actually met the artist before, and she's a nice girl. She has a very unique and distinctive "whimsical" style, and I think it works quite well here.

What do you guys think? Too much? Totally cool? An old building crime?

The entire building used to be a pale mint green, which you an see on the far left.

I like it. I think it's the use of so many bright colours.

Lastly, here's probably one of the final updates on a very VERY sad renovation story. I'm still not sure if they're planning to gut the other half (the right side) of this duplex. I walk by it almost daily, and it doesn't look like anyone is occupying that half.

The building used to have casings just like mine (slightly different crown on the doors/windows), and 2 panel wood doors. It was gutted to the studs, had all the original 3-over-1 windows removed, and any other architectural detail(s), and the inside now looks like a cheap condo apartment.

This last update is to show the awful looking remodel of the front porch. They actually demolished half the cinder-block centre, removed the centre t-g divider, and rebuilt the entire decking. Then they made these awful LEGO-looking planter boxes on each side. They didn't even bother to take off the lumber tags/staples on the raw ends. TRUST ME when I say that this photo makes it look pretty flattering, since it was taken from at least 30ft away.

Compare with "before" (this was taken shortly after they started butchering it):



  1. The colouful house is beautiful and fun. More houses need to be painted like this! Great place for B.B. & B.S.

  2. For what that house is being used for, I think that paint job is wonderful!!