Friday, November 30, 2012

Spice Jars!

It seems like, for the first time in months, the house is not a total disaster. I mean, it's FAR from clean or organized, but since I finished the Gramophone cabinet, put it back together, and moved a few other things, I have so much extra space in the dining room and kitchen.

I badly need to sweep upstairs, since I did drywall a few weeks ago, the entire floor is coated in fine dust. The fact that I have glossy wood floors doesn't help. I ALSO need to clean the bath/shower. It's getting gross.

Otherwise, I have been a little bit productive around the house. I spent the last 2 days completely reorganizing my spices. Since I moved in, my spices have been disorganized and in 2-3 places. The main ones were literally all tossed in a cardboard box on the floor in the kitchen (I don't have any cabinet space to store them anywhere - YET), and most of the others were in my wooden spice cabinet. A few others were on a shelf next to the sink.

Yesterday I went to the Dollarama to see if they had any kind of decent spice jars (I wanted something fairly specific), and I came across the PERFECT ONES for my needs. They are a pretty decent size, and they can fit an entire "spice packet" of 150g (standard No Name and Wal-Mart type packets) and have easy to use screw-top lids in several colours, and the jar openings are large enough to fit a big soup spoon. I bought 20 of them, but I might want another 4 or 5. These would be a perfect fit in a cabinet drawer, and I will label the jar lids for easy and quick reference.

This is something that I've been wanting to do for YEARS after my aunt did something very similar (she always has such great ideas).

I went through ALL my stuff, and I combined several stray/forgotten duplicate bags, emptied dozens, and finally got rid of all the cheap, mismatched plastic spice jars. Now, the bulk of my most used spices are in the new glass jars, and all the others and refill packets are in the spice cabinet.

The only issue right now, is that I have no space for the new jars yet. I'll figure something out. I also need to make labels, but for now, the spices have loose tags inside, although I can tell what 99% of them are simply by looks or smell.


  1. At your Dollarama, did they have lots in each colour? Or was it a mishmash? The OCD part of my would want all in one colour, haha.

  2. They had a decent amount of each, but not enough to get all of them the same colour (they were all mixed together). Part of me was also OCD about wanting to get matching ones (they also had brushed SS topped ones but I didn't like the stainless), but I really don't mind the different colours. There were also several that had badly paintd tops, or small defects (like the blobs) so it would have been even harder to be really choosy. I ended up getting 4 of each, and I colour coded the spices in the most logical fashion (as much as possible), like Black Peppercorns in a black one, Garlic in yellow, Chili Powder in red, etc.

  3. Hi JC,

    Love the jars. I like the different colors.