Thursday, November 22, 2012

Soooooo Excited!!!

Alright, I was too excited about getting this done, so I'm posting about it immediately.

The built-in doors are painted, finished, and installed! And they look wonderful! In the end, they did need a third coat, but I had time to do one last night, one early this morning, and one this afternoon, so I just finished installing the hardware and putting them in.

Installing these doors was pretty simple. The hardware was attached to the doors in the correct places, and then the doors were set into their openings, and held in place with shims. This makes the job super easy.

Once they're in the right spot, the screw holes get punched (my casings/frames are pine, so I didn't need to pre-drill anything), and then screw everything in place. It's important to note that the second half of the door catch (the strike, or "keeper") should be put in place LAST. You want it to line up properly, and no amount of careful measuring will be as good as simply installing it once the doors are hung, and everything works.

Note the wall colour sample, which is a nice warm light grey.

Basically, this is the view as you walk in the front door, and turn to your immediate right, in the office doorway. Also note that I haven't made the bottom casing for the "window opening" yet. I need to have it specially made at work to match my other ones.

Upstairs hallway linen closet.

I still haven't cut the shelves for it yet.

This is the "evening photo" without the bright light on in the other room. This is how it would normally look.

For this one, I had to have the hinges offset towards the door side, simply because I had so little room between the door and the casing. This doesn't affect the hinges or the door, and no one would really notice that they're off. You can also see the nice SLOT HEAD SCREWS. Nothing bothers me more (renovation or cabinetry wise) than modern screws on old (or repro) hardware/furniture.

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