Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Not too much to brag about, but I had a few miscellaneous photos I thought I would hare.

I'm currently finishing-up the gramophone cabinet project. I'm not happy with how the finish on it turned out, but it's "ok". It looks fine, really, but it didn't turn out like some of the other pieces I've done using the same varnish. I didn't thin the first coat, and it didn't go on as smoothly. Bleh. (What can I say, I'm my own worst critic, and I'm a perfectionist).

No photos of that until it's all put back together.

I started to put up a few festive decorations. I had bought some large foam snowflakes a year ago, and I didn't use them yet since I needed some suction-cups to attach them.

The porch definitely needs a splash of red, so I'll probably be adding a large red bow to the wreath on the front door. I might also add a second wreath to the exterior door, but I haven't decided yet. I also want to put up some lights. Possibly ones I already have on hand, or maybe some new ones. What do you think: multicoloured, or just clear/white ones? Side note: You can see the new mail box here for the first time.

It annoys me that the porch always looks crooked or lopsided because of the deteriorating lattice/frame. I'll be so happy once that's replaced.

Next up is a bit of a super short "Cornwall Homes" post. Super short, because I noticed that the other half of the building posted here:
Cornwall Houses, Woodworking Projects, & Misc. (October 08, 2012)
is now up for rent. I snuck-up onto the porch and took a few photos. This side is in as good condition as the right side. The only difference I see is that the back door has been painted white, and the finish on the grates is in much better shape. I never noticed the cool stripes! I haven't seen any other registers finished this way. Totally cool.

I'm jealous of their beautiful unpainted wood trim.

Lastly is a small restoration project I did out of sheer boredom.

I picked up this beautiful Victorian plaster frame at a yard sale a few blocks away last summer. I love these frames, but they are usually in TERRIBLE shape. They tend to be very fragile, and, let's face it: people aren't careful with things. But this one was in near perfect shape, with the exception of just one corner.

So I worked my magic on it, built-up a repair, and painted it to match. It's not a perfect repair (which would have involved making a mould, and casting a section to replace the missing one), but it's a good enough repair that no one would really notice it, unless they were really looking for it.

I'm really not sure what to put in this frame yet, but I'd love to have it hanging somewhere on the main floor. I have a few other beautiful frames, but they're packed away at the moment.

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