Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Another Small Project Done

I got another piece of art framed.

I went out to pick up some more drywall compound, and I stopped at Winners. I ended up finding a beautiful antique reproduction frame for only 10$. Lately, I've been sure to keep a list with me of the art I have (dimensions) and empty frames (needing art) and a small tape measure. This frame was close to a perfect fit for one of my prints, and the style matched.

The print of the church with the dark blue-green matte was a 4.99$ find at Value Village (I've had it for over a year).

This is seriously an awesome price. Not even a sale price, either! Some of the quotes I got for custom frames ran in the HUNDREDS of dollars.

The existing matte was a 1/2 inch wider in both directions, but it was easy to trim it to fit. I am absolutely thrilled with how it looks. I wasn't sure if the black(ish) frame would play nicely next to the dark blue-green, but I absolutely love it. The frame is actually made from cast resin mouldings with some sort of antiqued painted effect, but it looks like a genuine antique frame. I'm leaving the cardboard corners on the frame until I'm ready to hang it.

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