Sunday, April 07, 2013

Photo Woes

Alright, I'm just making a quick note here, maybe someone can help.

Apparently Picasa (Google photo album) has made updates and changes to their online albums. The album views and features are now all different, and now *I CAN'T FIND HOW TO GET THE PHOTO LINKS*. This used to be a simple button next to each photo, which I could copy/paste to use in all my blogs and posts, and now that feature seems to have disappeared. The only photo option that I can see is "share album link" which is useless. I want to be able to integrate only specific photos in whatever order I want into my posts. I don't want to share entire albums.

I can't accurately tell you how annoying and completely frustrating this is. I've looked through the help section and FAQ, and it seems like a lot of it hasn't been updated properly to reflect the new changes yet, or the information that's posted doesn't work (or refers to buttons that aren't there anymore).

I was going to make a post today, but I literally CAN'T.

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