Monday, April 15, 2013


I realize that the actual house updates lately have been few and far between, but lately, I've been making progress on both the Living Room and Office. I'm currently doing all the drywall patching and corner/seam repairs, fixing all the popped screws from the poor drywall installation, and I've changed all the old outlets in the Office (the Living Room ones were done a while back).

Once I have the drywall done, I'll be putting up the crown (which I'm very excited about), and I'll paint the Office walls. I already have the paint, and I can paint the whole room except that the baseboards won't be in until after the floors are refinished.

The Living Room (if I finish the drywall and crown) would also be ready to paint, but I haven't bought the paint yet (but I've had the colour picked since BEFORE I OWNED the house).

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