Thursday, April 18, 2013

Drywall Rant

If you're a homeowner you know how much of a drag it is to do any kind of drywall work in your home. From the dust that settles EVERYWHERE, to the pain of applying it and sanding.

For me, one of the most annoying parts is actually the WAITING. Depending how thickly you apply it, it takes forever to dry. There were some particularly bad spots that took days to dry.

I'm currently nearly ready to install my new crown moulding (I really want to get this done), but I'm still patching drywall. I have 2 more spots drying in the Office, and a huge portion of the drywall stack in the corner of the living room is going to be wet for another few days (I put the mud on it last night, but some spots are over 1/8" thick and will take quite a bit of time to dry). Currently it's only about half dry after ~24 hours.



  1. I always underestimate how long it will take for the mud to try. It's frustrating!

  2. You've got an old house ... learn how to plaster. You can literally be done in a day and no sanding!

    1. My house was (and in some parts still is) originally 3/8" drywall. I have no plaster anywhere.