Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shop Hutch Update

Today I decided to spend the afternoon and early evening (it's 8pm and I just quit for the day) working some more on the "shop storage hutch".

It's turning out to be much more of a rustic antique reproduction than I had originally planned, but that's alright.

Today I cut and installed the back for the upper section, cut and installed a centre support, trimmed and hung the doors (they still need fine tuning), and installed the 5 upper face frame pieces (the ones over the doors).

Here's the photo of the hutch from the last time I worked on it. In this pic, I had the 5 doors just propped into the door openings as a preview.

And here's all I got done from today:

I LOVE the old "doors" (old windows). I often see people throwing away these old basement windows, and I try to pick them up whenever I can. I have another larger one which I might also make into another cabinet. And as a quick reminder, this entire cabinet is being made essentially from trash. I'm using anything available (old barn wood, rough painted scrap pine, 2x4s, old plywood with nail holes, used baseboards, etc). The only items I paid for were the hardware (brass hinges/catches), a few new sheets of glass, and the paint.

A few of them will need new glass. Two have a cracked glass, but they are clean breaks, and I like the old wavy glass, so I won't bother to change them.

Lastly, it's hard to convey the size in just photos. The hutch is 8 feet tall, and 8 feet wide (I'm 6' when I'm not slouching).

Still left to do:

- Cut, bead, and hang the 4 bottom doors.
- Make/install 3 or 4 drawers in centre of base.
- Make/install some kind of crown moulding.
- Paint.


  1. What is that, a ten foot ceiling in the basement? Now I'm beyond jealous.

    1. It's actually the garage. I'd say it's closer to 10 feet, too, which is awesome. My basement is just barely 6 feet high under the tree trunk joists (and much lower anywhere there are ducts or pipes).