Monday, November 21, 2016

Flooded With Spam

If I wasn't already having a hard time keeping this blog going, I've just been hit with a wave of spam (which is not letting up), and Blogger doesn't seem to have any decent way to deal with it, other than marking each comment (manually) as spam. I can't block that particular account (which would be the easiest solution).

This is my inbox as of a half hour ago. All of these are from the same account under the name "Blogger":


Those (above) are just the latest ones, with about 20 spam comments over the past few days:


Spammer: If you see this, please stop. It's really fucking annoying.


  1. I've had good luck lately with Blogger's auto-spam tool screening them out. I was having a problem a couple years ago when my blog posts peaked, but now that I barely post I guess I don't get as much traffic, so I'm having much less problem. They were really unsuccessful at posting to my blog because I was vigilant about deleting them.

    1. I think I have some sort of Capcha or word verification for comments enabled, but there doesn't seem to be many more options for comment moderation. I want anonymous people to be able to comment (like my aunt, or other people I know who don't have a Blogger or Google account), and the spammer does have a proper account anyways.

      I'll just have to keep deleting them and hope that they give up.

  2. Shame stupid have to wreck havoc in the lives of those who simply want to live a good life.
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  3. If its same email address, contact their ISP to have the account shut down.