Saturday, October 06, 2012

The Most Amazing Dollhouse You'll Ever See

I came across a link the other day while I was catching up on recent posts on Old House Dreams. For those unfamiliar with this wonderful site, it's a lady who loves old houses as much as I do, and she shares links to historic homes that are for sale. Some of them are in shambles, and some of them are absolutely amazing, but they are always interesting to look through, and I've picked up a lot of extremely useful information and ideas for my own restoration efforts through browsing the listings and photos. Patterns for leaded glass, design layouts for original kitchens, built-ins, and beautiful old doors, windows, and mouldings.

The site is pretty specifically for old houses, so when I came across a listing for a dollhouse, I was immediately curious. It had to be worth looking at if it was posted on this site.

When I arrived at the site: I headed immediately to the photo gallery, and started viewing the slideshow. After a few photos, I had to pause it, simply to be able to absorb the level of detail in this phenomenal house.

The dollhouse is the work of Dustin White, and is based on early American Greek Revival homes built around the 1850s.

The house is entirely hand made, and 100% custom. It has over 4700 pieces, and took about a year and a half to build.

For anyone who is even the least bit interested in old houses, this is an absolute treat to look at.

It has all the details you can possibly imagine in this style house. The cedar roof, side porch, chimney details, attic... It is complete with fireplaces, cast iron wood stoves, hardwood floors, grain-painted doors, and even functional 6-over-6 sash windows and shutters! The icing on the cake is that the house is also electrified with low wattage lighting to simulate old candle light in the fixtures. There are also glowing logs/embers in the fireplaces and old stoves.

I would strongly recommend going through the photo gallery. There are over 150 photos, showing all the rooms. It was hard for me to select just a handful of photos for this post.

As you can probably guess, the house comes at a rather steep price. It is, however, a one of a kind piece of art. It would be wonderful to see it finished with period furniture as well.


Having made this post also reminds me that I've been meaning to do a shout-out post for some of my favourite old house blogs. Expect that in the next few weeks.


  1. You should see the his latest work. It includes a Schoolhouse and Storefront. Great artisan!

    1. I had seen the Schoolhouse, but the Victorian Storefront must have just been posted, because I was on his site a few weeks ago.