Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cornwall Homes

A small update to the house near my Mom's. As a quick recap to those that haven't been following along: this was a rather lovely 1920s or 1930s foursquare with a back addition. It was brick with original windows, stained glass, and I never got a really good look at it, but I know it had a beautiful archway between the dining room and living room.

Fast forward a few years, and it's now been sold, totally gutted (I think they even removed the main floors down to the joists. They REMOVED 90% of the brick, tore out all the windows, removed the back porches, side stairs (it used to have an upstairs apartment), and just generally butchered the entire house.


And now... I laughed and I almost want to cry. The patched brick around the windows looked TERRIBLE, but I guess it doesn't matter since they decided to paint the brick to match the ugly yellow siding.

Also note that they tore off all the dentil moulding and crown that was on the porch, as well as the original numbers and street plaque. I would have LOVED to save those. Instead they shittily patched over the whole thing with white sheet metal.

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