Saturday, September 21, 2013

Random Update

Alright, this one is going to be a bit of a mix. I spent most of the day at an antiques auction, and I bought some art, but I'm making that into a separate post.

I had hoped that my antique chair would be finished by now, but I ran into some trouble with the gimp (the decorative trim). I wasn't really that thrilled with any of the colours we had, so I went to one of the local fabric stores, and I had a look through their gimp. They had a huge variety (probably about 100 different colours and patterns), and at least 3 or 4 that might work nicely in a very dark green. I took 2 samples back to the shop:

Although I got NO COMMENTS from my readers on the last post, I did get some votes on my Facebook, and most people liked the pink gimp (not my first choice). I was leaning more towards the black, but only one other person liked the black, and my boss really didn't like it, so the dark green seemed to be the best option (I loved it, and so did Pierre - my boss), so I was all set to go buy it (the one on the right in the above photo).

When I went back to the fabric store, they apparently LOST not only my first choice (the one on the right), but also the other roll too. They looked everywhere for it, and couldn't' find it.

I was then told that they might be able to re-order some, but then the problem was that ALL of the "forest green" gimp was "colour 21". The super dark green and about 6 or 7 other shades of green all the way up to a bright grass green/emerald were all "colour 21". Basically they couldn't guarantee me the same colour.

I was pretty pissed.

I left without buying anything, and they said they'd call me back the next day to see if they could order it or not. They ended up NOT calling, so Pierre called them (since he knows one of the main girls who works there), and he talked to them to see what was up. Apparently they couldn't order any. *ARGH!*

So I went back, and the only other gimp that was the same colour (or very very close) was a smaller one, or a much larger one with somewhat of a sloppy weave. I ended up buying 2 yards of the narrower one, and we'll see how that looks. I really would have preferred the regular sized one, but since my staples are pretty neat, I can probably get away with it. If all goes well, the chair will be home Monday evening.


In a bit of a "Cornwall Homes" side note, I was absolutely crushed to see the eye-burning paint job on one of my favourite old Victorians. My only thoughts on it when I saw it was "OH MY GOD WHY! WHY???"

It's seriously awful. While I understand that it needed a paint job (pretty badly), I just can't understand why they would want to pick an insanely bright red that matches absolutely nothing. It looks like the house is wearing whore lipstick.

I had featured this house last year in this post:

If there's a silver lining, I believe that they will be re-installing the beautiful original house numbers, since I can spot the holes from the plaque in the photos (before resizing them).

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