Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Painting & Touch-ups (Photos From Earlier This Week)

Here are some of the photos from a few days back. When I was preparing the door jamb for the front door (using BIN Shellac Primer and a coat of white trim paint), I also repainted a bunch of casings in the house where pine knots were bleeding through, as well as to touch up small nicks from the past year or two. Also shown in these pictures is a bit of the "under the stairs" drywall and mouldings.

Here's the basement door casing taped-off. The main reason for taping it off was to prevent any difference in colour that might show with the BIN primer. I removed the tape when I was ready to use the normal white trim paint.

Here you can see some of the visible knots. There are more than just these two or three, they just don't show up that well on the camera.

Two of the corner stakes on the main floor (which are cedar) had yellowed a lot, so I redid those too.

The casing in the hallway upstairs (showing knots). This had been sealed, but not enough, apparently.

The worst ones in the whole house were the 3 that make up the archway in the master bedroom. These were put in by the POs (that's old-house-speak for "previous owners"), and when I was originally redoing the master bedroom, it already had at least 2-3 coats of paint on it. I added primer, and then 2 or 3 new coats of paint, followed by additional touch-ups a year or two later, and the knots were still bleeding through. I figured that with close to 7 or 8 coats of paint it would stop bleeding, but this is why you really need to use a shellac sealer on pine. Nothing else works.

Again, I was not repainting all the mouldings, only these 3 boards, so they were taped-off.


Here's the basement stairs after all the mouldings were installed and primed: large 1/4 round along the stair runners, and plain casings on the reverse side of the door (same as upstairs closets):

The top casing is just notched to fit around the stair runners.

Nothing too exciting about the "after" photos of the casings. Basically I just did 2 coats of BIN, plus 2 coats of white trim paint. It looks white again, and hopefully it will STAY this way.

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