Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ready, But Not Ready... :(

So everything is ready to install the new (old) front door, except that I forgot that I still had to varnish the bottom edge of the door!


I also need to pick up a bunch of XXL finishing nails to install it (remember that the jamb is 1 1/2" thick!)

So I slapped on the first coat last night, but it specified 24 hours to recoat, so I'll cheat and do the second coat in the next hour, and it should be dry enough by tomorrow (I'm not sure if I work Monday yet).

I've also finished all the touch-ups to the door casings and baseboards throughout the house, as well as the basement door casings. All that's left to paint (for now) is the two small sections of wall under the stairs. I ran out of primer. I'm also not sure what colour I want to use. I have a bunch of leftover dark brown from the upstairs hallway, or I also have a full (expensive) can of "oops" paint from the bathroom. I had originally picked what I thought was a light beige, but it was much too dark, and I didn't like it. The can was 60$, so I was hoping I could use it somewhere...

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