Sunday, October 18, 2015

Etsy Shop / Artwork

I recently opened a small Etsy shop to sell some artwork. I've been trying to supplement my income, and art is something that is easy and pleasant for me to do in my spare time. I wanted to post about it here in case anyone here had any interest in some of the pieces. I tend to work in a wide variety of styles and materials, and I'm open to commissions or special requests. I have thought about doing some pet portraits for people, which could be a fun item to have in the shop. I especially like working from photos.

Here are just a few of the pieces that I currently have listed (mainly abstract pieces). I plan to have some typographic (calligraphy) style pieces listed in the future, as well as some watercolour & acrylic abstracts in nice simple frames.

All the pieces I have for sale are originals, and each is unique.

Two small framed abstract paintings:

A larger (unframed) abstract (1 of 2 similar pieces):

And here's an impressionist style landscape from a photo:

You can find the link to my Esty shop here:

In addition, here are a few other pieces done in the past few years:

Moon Moth from photo (watercolour):

Butterfly from photo (watercolour):

Illuminated letter "L":


  1. Very beautiful!
    I like your blog very much. I try to do carpentry projects around my old house, and I have some upholstery projects waiting for me to buy a decent stapler. I also have a beat up cuckoo clock that I at least got ticking again, but I'm missing clock hands and a bellow. It's very tiny so im concerned if I buy replacement parts online they may not fit.

    Keep up the great work with all your talents!!

    1. Replacement hands are easy to buy from clock parts dealers (I use Timesavers). Bellows can easily be hand made using Tyvek suit material (just buy a cheap painting suit). All you need to do is measure carefully, stick it in place, and then fold it down, making sure to replicate the pleat pattern. It's sometimes easier to pre-fold it with a centre line, and an X on the end.