Sunday, October 18, 2015

Small Side Projects 2

Here's a bit of a follow-up post to the last one. I mentioned a while ago the new step that I made for my Mom's place, and here's a photo of it in place.

She absolutely loves it, and I think it turned out pretty good. It looks like it still could have been a touch higher in the back right corner, but considering that each corner is a different height, and that I had to approximate a level line using only a 2 ft level, it came out pretty good.

Another small project that I finished just this week is that I FINALLY made some shelves for the built-in upstairs. It's been years already, and I just didn't feel like doing them, but this past week they got done, varnished, and installed.

The shelves are made from matching 3/4" thick fir plywood, and the front edges are capped with about a 1" wide strip of 1/4" thick solid fir taken from an old door casing.

That's about it for now. I will be working soon on my wing chair that's currently at the shop, so it should be fun to bring that home in a week or so. This was a cheap wing chair that I found, and I've modified the frame to make it look older. I have some old plain grey upholstery fabric that I bought years ago and never used, so basically, aside from spending a lot of time on it, this chair will largely have been free.

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  1. Well -- it ate my post. Sigh. Back in a bit. Good job(s).