Saturday, November 05, 2011

Closet Shelf

I finally FINALLY installed the shelf in the MB closet. It's been what? a year? Yeah. Something like that. But I only ordered the plywood about a week ago.

And I'm sick, so it's surprising that I did anything at all today. I've got some kind of fever mixed with postnasal drip. Not fun.

Now the shelf just needs to be caulked (which I might do tonight), primed, and painted, and then the whole closet can be given a final coat of white.

I'm also planning to start building the built-in for the upstairs hallway. Part of the sheet of plywood that I cut for the shelf will work out nicely to make the sides for the built-in.


  1. Hi JC,

    My goodness gracious. I see you are always working!!! You never rest, do you.

    When you decide to take a break, take a trip over to my art studio and help me trim out windows and install baseboard.

    your mother,
    Mrs. D

  2. Well, I had been sitting at the computer for most of the day, blowing my nose about every 5 minutes, and I had really wanted to get some things done this weekend, so I only worked on the shelf for maybe an hour. So I dunno how accurate the "always working" comment is. I haven't really done much this week. Progress seems so slow.

    If you lived nearby I'd definitely help you install trim. It's pretty much "what I do".

  3. Wow, bad cold, eh?

    Get well, soon. Your progress is great. Don't sweat the small stuff. Love the photos on your posts.

    Mrs. D