Monday, April 16, 2012

Office Built-In

Guess what I did today!?!?

I had half a day off, so I took the opportunity to get off my lazy a** and I got 99% of the office's built-in made. I plan to eventually make one the same for the kitchen, except that the doors will be different (for those not in the loop, the one in the office will have glass doors and the one in the kitchen will have wood panel doors).

The one going in the office was made to match the custom built-in upstairs, and I'll be staining them all the same colour. I was thinking about making them out of oak veneer or something, but I kind of like the old fashioned look of the fir plywood.

I just finished routing the "tongue & groove" in the 1/2" back. The surrounding frame is done (It had to have tracks routed into them for the adjustable shelf hardware.

The only part I couldn't finish was to cut the back out of the 4x8 sheet. I couldn't do this because my saw (circular saw) is at my friend's place (and it's raining so I don't want to walk over to get it).

More soon!

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