Monday, April 02, 2012


I know you guys want photos, and I do want to post some soon, but no promises (probably next weekend).

I went for a "supply run" to HD over the weekend, so I should be able to work on a few projects during the week (mainly drywall and insulation).

I also picked up 2 colour samples of some yellows for the dining room. Both are so-so, but we'll see how they look once I prop them up in the room and see them in daylight. One looks a bit pale and wimpy, and the other one might be too bright and flashy. Dunno. Glad I only got samples. I might even get a third sample (a darker one).

Edit: Also, I finally ordered the parts that I need to finish-up the downstairs hall light fixture, and the one in the Master Bedroom.

Edit 2: Also, I took apart that antique beveled glass mirror (green one) to clean it and reinforce the back, since I'll be hanging it up in the bathroom to see if I like it. I basically made a whole new back for it from some 1/8" hardboard instead of the rather flimsy old cardboard that was there. In the process, I found a full 2 page spread (8 pages) from the Montreal Gazette dated Sept 1922 behind the mirror.

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