Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Early November Updates (Part 1)

Alright. I have over 40 photos to post, so I'll do it in multiple posts.

Let's start with the miscellaneous items.

This is the progress I made over a week ago on the "shop storage hutch" project. I'll just note that the doors look crooked (especially at the tops) because they haven't been trimmed to fit the openings yet, and they are just leaned in the openings for the photo.

Again, random scrap wood was used on this project, and as much as possible, I'm trying to build the entire thing for as close to "free" as possible. Salvaged windows, salvaged flat doors from the upstairs kitchen/laundry room, and tons of scrap plywood and 2x4s. The only thing I'll be buying is hardware, paint, and maybe crown moulding for the top.

Here's another odd job I did last week. Since removing the new floor from the original in the living room, I had clear access to this rusted pipe fitting (for the gas line to my furnace). I've been meaning to clean/sand/paint it for over a year.

Next is a 5 minute (and 30$) fix that's been bugging me for a few years. I bought this nice antique dresser at a yard sale a few years ago (for next to nothing, I think it was under 40$), and it had these awful 1980s floral knobs on it. So while I was in Ottawa this weekend, I picked up some antique brass reproduction knobs for it.

I plan to eventually strip, repair, and refinish this dresser. It has functional locks on the top drawers (but no key), and it's made of maple. It used to have a grain-painted finish, but I'll likely just put a dark walnut or mahogany stain on it.



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