Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Antique Toilet?

I just went to the bank, and I passed by the foursquare on the end of the block from my house. The new owners are doing repairs/renovations (nothing too drastic that I noticed), but I did happen to see an awesome looking antique toilet lying in a pile in the yard next to their shed. This is the kind of toilet with the separate tank at the back, and I believe the tank is made of wood or copper. From the road, I could see that it still had a seat, the tank, and the connecting pipe, and it didn't look broken, so I might just go poking around and ask them if they're tossing it.

The toilet in question looks similar to this one:

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  1. Did you know that Prince Charles collects toilets? They are in a museum in London. Thanks for sharing your pot,I am high from it. Richard from My Old Historic House