Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Short Rant About Outlets + I Got A Sink!

Alright, I don't know how wide spread this issue is, but I wanted to touch on it just quickly.

Here in Ontario, there are new electrical code requirements for electrical outlets (wall sockets/plugs), and I'm not in favour.

The code specifies (as of a few years ago) that any outlets within reach of children (which in most cases is ALL OF THEM since they tend to be 18" off the floor) be of the new "Tamper Resistant" kind. These are marked with a TR on the face plates.

I've seen them several times in new homes being built, and I've seen them being stocked in DIY stores, since they are now phasing-out the regular type.

My issue:

I HATE THESE. And they're also more expensive. They have built-in plastic battens to sort-of block the holes, but it also makes them a bit more of a pain in the ass to use. It's not an issue if you have something plugged in all the time, but if it's an outlet that you use often, it's a bit harder to plug into it, since you have to push extra hard to disengage/slide the battens with the prongs.

I also don't like the TR letters printed in the plastic. But that's just me being EXTRA PICKY, haha. But things like this annoy me.

So that said, if you prefer the regular style outlets, get them now while you still can. The entire reason I made this post was because I happen to have come across 2 boxes (10 packs) of the "old style" plain ones today, and I bought them.

I don't know how they expect that everyone in the province will just go out and change all their outlets, but technically it's now a code requirement, which is just stupid. What ever happened to just using those plastic outlet covers and just teaching your kids to use their head.


I was headed to Home Hardware this morning for more nails and sand paper (which I ended up forgetting to buy), and they were having a big "yard sale" clearance sale. I spotted a bunch of sinks, and one of them would be perfect for my vanity project. I actually grabbed a measuring tape from the sale items, and checked that it would fit.

It's a porcelain under-mount sink, 17 x 14, and the best part: only 6.99$! It was originally 29.99$ (which isn't terribly pricey either). Even if I don't end up using it (I really want white marble with an under-mount sink, but it might be $$$$), I could still get my money back on it on Kijiji or at a yard sale.


Meanwhile, a whoooooole bunch more work has been done on the porch. The entire door frame ware removed and remade, the exterior casings were installed, and the door is hung (but not fully trimmed yet). But I'll wait to post photos of all that until I have things a bit more finished/painted.


  1. Ugh. I've noticed this in our bathroom (the only room where we have new outlets). It's such a pain in the arse plugging stuff in.

  2. I like the TR requirement (it's here in the States too). Yeah it's a little more difficult to plug things in but it saves me from having to run around inserting all the child safety plug covers each time we have guests with kids. I've been installing them every time I do an electrical project. My only concern is how long these things are going to last before the plastic doors break off and all the outlets need to be replaced.