Saturday, August 18, 2012

Porch Door Rehab

I feel like such a bad/lazy blogger for once again not including photos. I haven't had time to take them off the camera and edit them yet.

I'm still working on the porch renovations.

The t-g is all installed and puttied, but not painted yet (the weather has not cooperated and now I want to do the door and door trim at the same time).

The door I'll be using for the porch is one of the old scrapped Cedar doors that a neighbour a few doors down threw away. It originally had a glass/vinyl window insert, which I removed.

Here's the door "as found":

I think this was from this spring.

Anyways, you can see from the photo that it was pretty rough, but it's the right size, the right style, and it also happens to have the panels that line up nearly perfectly with the porch's lower wall.

The door was very much falling apart, so earlier this week I knocked it completely apart, scraped off all the loose paint, sanded some of it, and started to do some repairs. The main area of concern was the area where the knob and lock were installed. Water had gotten in there, and the entire section was really weak. I also wanted to install a more traditional knob, and no lock, so I decided to patch and repair that entire board. This was quite involved, and I'll explain in more details with photos.

I also got to use some really cool glue from work, which is a foaming, moisture-cured urethane glue designed to glue (wooden) airplane propellers. I'm totally serious. We have this huge drum of it, and we use it for all our exterior items (like porch posts, columns, and railings, and any exterior trim that needs to be laminated). It dries as a beige foam.

So yeah, today I reassembled the entire door, and I have one side sanded.

I have to sand the other side, and then trim the door at the top (which is super crooked), install a drip edge along the bottom, and start building a window insert to match my 4-over-2 porch windows.

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