Sunday, August 26, 2012

Porch Painted (First Coat)

So today I prepped and painted the porch. Most of it, at least.

I spent several hours this morning/afternoon (around 11am - 3:00pm) puttying/gap-filling, and prepping for paint. This included getting up on ladders to caulk around the crown moulding, along the inside gap of the fascia, all kinds of nails holes in the fascia, along the edges that met with the siding, etc.

I did not install or buy the moulding along the bottom yet, and the top one will wait until I replace the sills (maybe next year?)

I started painting after I got back from groceries, and a quick road trip with Mom to grab some salvaged windows, and after a quick supper. So painting started with the BIN primer (white tinted shellac for the knots), around 6pm.

As I was priming, I ended up dropping the can right at the steps (in the doorway), and losing about half the can. I made a HUGE ASS mess in the process.

I was not happy.

Of course I didn't bother to change into some painting clothes (since I had been careful up until that point), and of course it splashed all over me, my glasses, and my shirt (which I'm pretty sure is now ruined).

Mom was over on the computer, and I got her to take the photo.

Luckily, the shorts survived relatively unharmed, as did my black shoes (cheapie shoes, but ones that I like).

I finished painting around 8pm. It was too dark out to take decent photos, so you get nuthin' till tomorrow or later.

I'll make a note to photograph the salvaged windows as well.

EDIT: I should note that I painted all the exterior of the porch EXCEPT FOR the window areas, and the sills. I basically painted the fascia, the portion above the crown, the entire flat surface around the windows/corner posts/around the door, door casings and jamb, and all the t-g.


  1. I always always always change into painting clothes now, for exactly this reason. No matter how careful I am, I always drip and spill.

  2. Yeah I usually look like that afterward, worse even. I feel like a kindergarten student after a day of finger painting.