Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bathroom Indecision


The bathroom is STILL not done after living here for nearly 2 years (coming up April 30th). Most of the work was done by about the year-and-a-half mark. All that's left in the bathroom is cabinetry, a door, , fan cover, and plumbing (sink/faucet though the faucet is already bought).

I've been tossing around lots of different ideas for the bathroom for *months*. I want something nice, something vintage looking, and something that doesn't look too "perfectly built-in". I really liked the idea of using an old piece of furniture as the vanity, and putting a marble or granite top on it, but I don't like the idea of having a dead space along the wall next to the door (which will just trap dirt/dust/hair). However, I had set up the sconces and plumbing with that idea in mind (the lights would be perfectly centred over the sink, and everything would line up. So should I compromise my original idea for the vanity, and go with something asymmetrical, and built-in up to the wall, or stick with the nicer looking, but slightly more impractical idea? I say impractical, because having the vanity top continue up to the wall would give me more counter space (about 4") and I could put something like glass canisters/candles in the corner.

These are some of the ideas I had for the vanity. If I go with a centred cabinet, I would make it symmetrical (2 doors and maybe a false drawer at the top), whereas if I go flush to the wall, I would want 3 drawers near the wall, and a door on the left (otherwise the doors would be off centre from the sink and that would drive me nuts).

I quite like the look of this one:

I also haven’t decided what I want to use for the vanity. I want wood. Either birch, Maple, Oak, Ash, Cherry, or Mahogany (though the last two would be pricey). But I want dark brown or a reddish orange (like old cabinetry).

As for the vanity mirror, I had originally wanted this:

But it will need to stick out of the wall at least 4", and I'm not convinced that it will look good between the sconces. So now I'm thinking about using a flat mirror on the wall (see farther down).

If I have no medicine cabinet, I'd need another storage option, so I was thinking about making a wall cabinet (non matching) to go over the toilet, between the window and corner stack. The only possible issue there, is the possibility of dropping something into the toilet if I’m clumsy :S But as far as room (space for having a cabinet sticking out of the wall), and placement (free space around it/looks) it would work fine.

Here’s how the room looks (as a refresher).

From the hallway looking in:

Where the vanity will go:

I have this really nice antique bevelled glass mirror that I’ve been thinking of using. I even think I would leave it with it’s “shabby chic” distressed mint-green paint.

It fits the space nicely, and it would look like this (isn’t it fun to have a tripod!?)

This is the spot where I would put the wall cabinet. I would only make it 4" or 5" deep.

And here are some ideas for a wall cabinet. I could make it in any wood/veneer, and in just about any style. I would not use clear glass (if I go with a glass door). I’d use frosted glass, or a wood door instead.

I have more images of wall cabinets in this album:

I need input.


  1. I really like the mirror that you already have! Why not use it "for now" and if you end up really not liking it, you can always swap it out for a better find.

    1. Mostly just because if I want a matching mirror (like the white painted cabinet), I'd want to build it and stain it/antique it/glaze it at the same time to get the same colour/finish/gloss. Otherwise, there wouldn't be any reason why I couldn't just use the antique mirror.

  2. JC, I like your green-framed mirror, too. Why don't you apply it to the front of a cabinet, or make a cabinet to accomodate it as a front?