Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Trim Photos

I'm pretty much ready for wall paint, so hopefully that will go on in the next few days.

Here's how the hallway looks with the new and repaired trim painted, and a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling. You'll notice the difference in the white around the door edges and near the ceiling (since I just overlap all the corners and edges by a few inches).

The interior of the built-in did not get stained and varnished yet. I'm waiting until I fit the shelves for it, so I can do everything in one shot. The door and drawer faces will also be made later, and will go white with antique style hardware.


  1. I like the interconnectedness of the moulding and trim in the third photo — very tailored, very classy.

  2. Just perusing your site today for the first time; a visit that was long overdue. Kudos for all the work you are doing. The quality of your work and attention to detail are a testament to your renovation passion. Isn't it amazing what bizarre and inexplicable things are done to a house over the decades? I'm envious of your lighting bargains. Looking forward to seeing more as the changes progress. Congrats on a job well-done.

    1. Thanks so much. I like to think that the quality of my work is partially affected by nearly 10 years as a cabinetmaker, but I am also very picky with details. And yes, it's a miracle that anything in this house survived (like the original floors, some of the t-g ceilings, and some of the casings. It was partially turned into a rental (for 2 tenants), and at some point it was a boarding house. My dad told me that a few years ago there was a drug dealer who lived here. But hopefully after I'm done with it, it won't need much more renovations or changes for another half century (that's my hope, at least).

      Vintage lighting can be found pretty inexpensively if you're up to the (pretty easy) task of rewiring them. Several of the ones I got were 100$ or less, and the vintage style Rayon wire wasn't that expensive.