Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Photos, Now With Picasa

Ok so I had started to type a post, and I'm trying to use Picasa, which is giving me problems, and is a PITA to use so far, I've finally decided that I should just do a test post, since I have no idea weather this is going to work properly or not.

I also noticed that I can upload photos directly off my computer to Blogger, but if I do that, I'm not sure where the images are stored. Does Blogger automatically create an album somewhere with the photo? Can that photo then be re-used somewhere? If so where would the link or file be to access/use it?

This is why I prefer Photobucket. I just upload my photos, they show up in a gallery view with the links right below each photo (thumbnail). So easy and simple. Then when I type posts in Blogger, or on LiveJournal (or other forums) I can just copy and paste the link and it will show up in that post.

Anyways, I'm testing this with a photo of an oak entertainment unit that I made about a week or two ago for a client through work.

If this works you should see the cabinet below.

Link through Picasa:

Direct Upload through Blogger:

Mmmmk so let's see if this worked, and how it looks.

EDITED TO ADD: Alright, I definitely do NOT want to use Blogger. I *HATE* clickable thumbnails. Picasa it is then. What really sucks though, is that I have to manually type-in the "img src=" code for each photo. :(


  1. Back when I used Blogger the pictures were automatically uploaded to Picasa. Go figure...

    What size pictures did you use with Photobucket? I once set PB to resize all my images to 800x600 during uploading and never had any issues with exceeding my bandwidth.

    1. I've never had a problem with Photobucket until the past two months. I've been using it for YEARS, with photos posted all over the place, so I don't know why it's giving me trouble.

      I always resize/adjust/brighten/colour correct my photos in Photoshop before uploading them, and I always have them resized to 800 x 599 (the 599 is because of the size of the original camera photo/aspect ratio, etc). If I save my photos normally, they take up about 120KB (depending on the photo), but if I go the extra step and save them "for Web", then they are closer to 45KB.

      So far, I'm going to stick with Picasa and see how things go.