Tuesday, February 14, 2012

L Room Ductwork DONE

I finished connecting/assembling/taping the rest of the run for the duct work going up to the L Room. I had to get a little creative with the pieces I had left, but it worked out well, and looks great! I'll post photos tomorrow since I'm off to bed (and I didn't take any photos yet anyways).

I also picked out a paint colour for the Office. Basically, I got the colour from my coworker's house. His kitchen/dining room are painted a really nice, mellow shade of grey-beige, so when I had to chip away a piece of drywall around a door (to fit a casing properly - while we were installing his new kitchen), I saved a piece of the painted drywall paper, and I got a colour match for it at Home Depot. He was supposed to ask his wife for the name of the colour for me, but I didn't want to wait forever (since he tends to take forever to get back to me when I ask him for something), so I didn't "steal" their colour, hahaha. Well, not *technically*.

The colour, oddly enough, is pretty close to the colour of unpainted drywall (the grey type), and it's a very similar shade to the darker grey-brown that will be going in the upstairs hallway, so it should blend-in quite well with the colours I have picked out so far.

I should also show you guys the green that will be used in the Living Room, since I've had that one picked out ages ago.


  1. Hi JC,

    Looking forward to seeing all your upcoming photos, and a review of your wall color choices.

    What is it about the various shades of grey that make us all howl at the moon these days?

    By the way,you never cease to amaze me how you "know" how to do everything, and I sincerely mean praise in that statement. You're one smart dude. Can I borrow your brain for my next project?

    Mrs. D

    1. I'm more than happy to offer advice on any projects. I'm no expert, but most general house DIY projects are pretty straight-forward (to me at least). Maybe I'll make a post about it (how I learned a lot of these tricks).

      Photos of wall colours are coming this evening (shortly). I'll address the grey-beige comment in that as well.

  2. I have to agree with Mrs. D - you seem to know everything! And you do good work.