Saturday, February 11, 2012


I'm running out of interesting titles for these random update posts.

I wanted to let my readers know that due to the Photobucket issue, I've been feeling really bummed out about posting anything, since the photos won't show. I'm thinking about paying for a Pro account, and I'm also thinking of adding a "Donate" button at the bottom of the page. As if fixing the house isn't expensive enough as it is, now I'll be forking out money just to post my photos.

But I'm finding that this house reno is really important for me, and a lot of my viewers enjoy seeing the progress. I've actually picked up a few new subscribers in the past few days. I'm up to 19 now! I suspect that I have a lot more casual viewers, however, since some of my recent photos have view counts in the upper hundreds.

Update on the house:

Work has still been ongoing. I never really stop for more than a few days, and I try to do a little something each day. I recently demolished the "power room" in the basement (entirely), in order to start repairing/redoing the duct work for the last corner of the 'L Room' and one vent in the Office.

I also went out and purchased half my hinges yesterday. This was a rather irritating shopping adventure. Home Depot had only a few of the hinges I wanted, so I had them order 20 (enough for 10 doors. I only need 8 sets, but I wanted a few spares), so the lady gave me the item number and told me to call-in and check in a week or two to see when they came in. So I called on Friday at around noon, and the guy over the phone said they had 27 of them. Perfect!

So after work, I head over to HD (partially by bus, and partially on foot since it's all the way across town) and I go to get the hinges. They have something like 15 on the shelf, and 3-4 are ones that were previously opened and taped-up so I didn't want those if I'm paying full price (since they might have missing screws or be scratched, etc). I ask the guy in hardware where the other dozen are, which they have in stock, and he checked over the shelves for them (with a ladder) and he didn't see them. He also went to check in the back, and couldn't find them.

Apparently, they are definitely THERE somewhere in the building, but it was a mess at the back, and they had not been put away yet, since there was a truck being unloaded (or some such horse shit excuse). I was NOT happy. I went all the way there since I was told they had them in stock, only to end up getting HALF the hinges I needed. So now I have to go back AGAIN.

While I was there, I also finally picked up one of those basement 'backup preventing drain covers' which cost an arm and a leg (nearly 20$). I've wanted to buy one for about a year and I finally just put it in my basket and bought it. It's not like it's the expensive, I just feel like it's a very over priced item. But I'd much rather pay 20$ now and not have to clean up some overflowed sewage water later.

I also got a replacement rim lock for my dad's bathroom door. This lock has been non-functional for as long as I can remember, so I checked it out one of the last times I was there. Dad said he couldn't find one that was a matching size, and it's a standard 2 1/4 - 2 1/4 type, which is the easiest to find.

Last night I stripped off the lacquer for the set of 10 hinges and the lock parts (since all of dad's locks and plates are pretty antique looking by now - his house is from the 1950s).

Today I might work on duct work, or continue working on the electrical panel/wires.

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